Hello Friends and fellow artists,

Cheryl and I have had a fantastic two days with Topsail Island Visions, we met with two Senior groups at two different Senior centers, one in Burgaw, North Carolina and the other in Hampstead, North Carolina. The coordinator was Barbra Mullins, who is actually the Director of the volunteer groups at both centers. She has many volunteers who go out into the community serving older people who have different kinds of needs- a lot of them are home bound and need different specialty services. This is a wonderful out reach program that Barbara directs.

Cheryl and I talked with the groups to tell them about our new company and our new vision. We showed them some of our products- they all loved the paints, scented with essential oils. They immediately understood how our products can have different applications, not only for the blind and visually impaired, but for children, special need folks, anyone who is depressed- in short, anyone who would enjoy a creative artistic experience.

The Vision Boards, with their build-up image are very easy to use. Simply let your fingers do the walking as you trace along the built-up image, such as the angle, mermaid, etc.. Then you can dip your fingers in the paint and spread it on the image. For instance, you probably want to paint the angle white to start with. Then you can fill in the background with a pretty blue, for instance. Then you can paint the angles hair a golden yellow, and put some flowers around her head for a halo. Our angle kit would include all of these things I have mentioned- the vision board, several colors of our specialty paints, the flowers, some glitter… Well, hopefully you can create a beautiful angle in you mind and transfer it to the canvas.

We have tried to create images that are fun, enjoyable, and meaningful.

Wishing you a happy painting experience,


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