Hello Friends and Fellow Artist,

I am tired of the cold! are you? Where, oh where is the spring?

On Saturday February 10th from 10 to 2pm, Cheryl and I will be participating in a Veterans fair. This event is being organized by Arnesse Kraus. This event will take place at the Topsail Senior Center, which is on highway 17 about 2 miles north of Hampstead. Its beside Pender Pine Nursery, There will be several companies there, which veterans will be interested in, such as veterans healthcare, etc… Arnesse is organizing this fair in conjunction with the VA.

Arnesse is a good friend of mine, and she currently is attending Coastal Carolina Community College getting her masters degree in Personal Counseling. She has a special interest in Wounded Worriers and those suffering from PTSD. But not just Wounded worriers- she also gave me counseling last summer when I was suffering from depression, after going blind in April 2016. She gave me insight and courage to face my situation, and help me understand how to start a new life as a blind person.

Arnesse invited Cheryl and me, as partners in Topsail Island Visions to come to the Fair and tell about our company. Last summer when Arnesse was giving me counseling, we explored ways to lift my depression, and I told her I got great joy from painting, I had been painting before I went blind and missed it dreadfully. I told her that Cheryl was my art teacher and was helping me learn to paint without use of my eyes. This is tricky, Right? A Blind Artist? But Cheryl and I used my fingers and developed canvases with a raised image so I could feel it with my fingers- and thats why I do finger painting. Also, Cheryl developed a way to help me smell the paints so I would know what color I was using, each color has its own unique scent. So in this way, using my fingers and my nose, I’m able to produce an artistic rendering. And doing this helped pull me out of my depression, along with Arnesse’s counseling. As Arnesse was developing her veterans program and dealing with PTSD, she thought this method would be beneficial for lifting their moods and help those who are in a dark place, as I was.

So, If you come to the Veterans Fair on Feb 10th Stop by to say hi Cheryl and me. I’ll be doing a demonstration showing how I create my vision, with no vision. This method is great for blind or visually impaired people. Its also great for anyone who wants to have a little fun and pull some of the darkness out and let the light in, and let their vision shine! Its also extremely rewarding for special needs kids, children, anyone who just wants to have some fun with art, any type of creativity, weather its art, creative writing, etc., is a great depression reliever.

We will have some kits available for sale, with canvases and paints with different designs. Such as Sea turtle, Sail boat, Anchors, ect. Kits will be 19.99 Each.

Hope to see you on February 10th!



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