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About a year after I went blind, which would have been around last July, I thought about writing a book about my experience of going blind and dealing with life as a different person. I was going to title it “How to make lemons out of lemonade”. Your probably thinking, no she means how to make lemonade out of lemons. When my doctors told me my retina was shredded, I thought of cutting and shredding a lemon to make lemonade.

So, in reversing the process, I thought how can I take that lemonade(my shredded retina and my shredded life) and put it back together as a whole lemon or a whole life. Putting a lemon back together would be an impossible task of course, But starting a new life as an older person who experienced sudden blindness felt no less daunting. Dealing with all the service providers, agencies, different doctors and medical personal… and having to arrange rides everywhere and people to help out-was extremely frustrating and difficult and slow.

During this process, I thought about the old story the tortoise and the hare. I use to be the Hare, jumping in my car to go and do all volunteering and grand-parenting. Volunteering at the food pantry, participating in various group at the church, babysitting, going to my granddaughter’s schools to have lunch with them, etc, was just wonderful.

All of this came to a screeching halt, now the routine was : to make an appointment, arrange transportation, even going to the store, arranging for food- just not a routine that I enjoyed. So, I thought about the tortoise and how he just kept plotting through the story, with the hair dashing around him laughing at him-but he just kept plotting along and some how the tortoise worked his was into my story and became the main character.

So my story is told as an allegory through the life of Topsey the Blind Sea Turtle. In addition to Topsey, there are several characters who are disadvantaged in some way, but the story shows how they all work together and help each other out. It is a chapter book with 9 chapters. The book is now sent to the printer.

it will be out the end of April 2018.

So we are on Topsey watch!

I hope you are all well and able to survive this flu season!


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