Cheryl Crane Hunter and Nancy McCurtin on art art journey at Topsail Island North Carolina…

Many people can benefit from creating with  our art process and  art products created by Topsail Island Visions.  The young, old, disabled, free spirits, visually impaired,wounded warriors, veterans with PTSD, cancer patients, individuals suffering from depression and anxiety, and many more.

The story behind Topsail Island Visions is a personal journey to paint after  the vision loss of Nancy. Cheryl Crane-Hunter art educator and artist made it her mission to help Nancy McCurtin regain her vision after she became blind in 2016. Through many mixed media art experiments, their journey led them to a process of fingerprinting through scents and textures.

Now, both women want to share their love for art… “Never lose sight of your vision”.

We have turned a passion for art into a texture adventure full of scents. This adventure includes: using your sense of smell to identify the color of paint. Then using your sense of touch to feel the texture board’s handcrafted image. Finger painting is the best method to use on our texture boards! You will apply the paint using your fingers and the technique of layering the colors of paint. Color combinations and kits can be purchased on our website. Note that all products are nontoxic.

Have Fun Creating your vision! Love and Light!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheryl and Nancy

P.S.  Nancy has written a children’s book,”Topsey the Blind Sea turtle”.  On sale after Easter.


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